by Canadian Artist Shelley McVittie


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Cross-stitching can be a very rewarding & fun pastime.
It`s one of the few crafts one can enjoy & feel confident about the finished results.

the adventurers

the Sewing Lesson

His Swing

All the World Seemed Young

His Story

Her Story

Afternoon Delight

the Inside Story

Quilted Dreams 1

And Sew On

Line Gallery

Dream 2

Will You?

for chart only
please select from
Below list
  $12.95 each

Chart List One
Chart List Two

A collection of vintage style images grace the inner pages of this delightfully fun book of monthly projects
12 patterns to create
12 stitched cards or
12 linen napkins or
12 tea towels or
12 little pillows...
list reaches as far as your imagination.

$11.95 booklet of pattern a month

this is another project
to make with above

Take your needle my child,
and work at your pattern;
it will come out a rose by and by.

Life is like that -
one stitch at a time
taken patiently
and as in life,
all will come out all right, just as your embroidery.
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Cross stitch books


Learn to Cross Stitch
Booklet - $ 9.95

a very easy instructional booklet to teach you the basics of cross stitching with three very simple little cameo design









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