by Canadian Artist Shelley McVittie

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Twas Twilight

.... As twilight falls over the town, it's velvety shadow casting down, the snow falls softly to the ground.... ....Gathering warmest coats, folks head for home to beckoning lights, the fires all kindled & the cider warmed...Twas Twilight

Limited Edition Size 575 S/N
Image Size only 20" x 8"
Print Only $100. CDN

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Limited Edition Size 300 S/N
Image Size only 9" x 18½"
Print Only $100. CDN
Print + Painted Mats $175. CDN

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Nearly Christmas was inspired by a poem
by Canadian Poet Vera Ernst McNichol

It must be nearly Christmas,
there's enchantment in the air
a certain cheery feeling
that takes away our care.
Faces radiate with gladness
in spite of frost and snow,
greetings seem more friendly
everywhere we go.

It must be nearly Christmas,
the children are so good.
They seem so over-anxious
to do the things they should.
Older folks see visions of
Christmas days gone by,
other family circles,
where childish hopes ran high.

It must be nearly Christmas,
the people are more jolly
everything is bright & gay,
with mistletoe & holly.
Excitment seems contagious,
vibrating through the crowd,
until love fills with one accord,
the humble & the proud.

It must be nearly Christmas,
Good-will & peace abound.
At no other season is such magic found.
There is a glow of happiness,
that no one can explain...
It must be that the Christ-child
has come to earth again!

Evening Stroll
Evening Stroll

.when strolling down the town's streets,
one can just not help one little bit if they dare
to take a peek inside someone's home where
the blinds are not drawn..hmmm
say is that not my Silver Bells painting
adorning their mantle?

Limited Edition Size 475 S/N
Image Size only 15" x 11½"
Print Only $75. CDN
Print + Painted Mats $175. CDN

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Welcome to more memories
where cherished moments
come in the most familiar ways
~ arrival of first snow
~ warm lights of home
~ friends that come call



....skating parties,
the once-popular deversions
which were followed by a
post-skating party..

....entertaining at home,
instead of meeting in restaurants,

which are boring and expensive...
to meet at someone's house is always an honour..

from the book by
lesley M. M. Blume
Let's bring back!

- sometime last night snow began to fall so gently did it come, so softly white; it's music we failed to hear at all as it whispered its song to the listening night...

..the evergreens with snow are spread,
drifts push up against the wall.
Each post wears a nightcap on its head,
everything's dressed in
the new snow fall.....


Limited Edition Size 300 S/N
Image Size only 14" x 18 "
Print Only $100. CDN
Print + Painted Mats $195. CDN

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Moon Dancers

... I painted this picture in my Dad's Memory
.the thought being...my mom & dad
would be together again-
doing what they loved best -
to dance


Limited Edition Size 300 S/N
Image Size only 8" x 16¾"
Print Only $75. CDN

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..Catherine Swift put music to the words
she wrote for me in
honour of this painting and well when she sang it

... take my hand my lady fair
let us dance upon the moon,
through the star dust we will step,
to a lively little tune...

....As you spin into my arms,
must be Paradise I see!
In your stunning dress of white,
You're an angel sent to me....

....in this world above the last;
we have everything just right,
we are free of aches and pains,
we dance away the night...

...there's a smile upon my face,
hear the music flying by,
we have clouds beneath our feet
in our ballroom in the sky....

...Feel the rhythm and the love,
resonating from my heart,
as we waltz through Heaven's Gate,
no more will we be apart......



Limited Edition Size 525 S/N
Image Size only 17" x 11"
Print Only $75. CDN
Print + Painted Mats $200. CDN

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.... the Victorians were renowned for their fascination of 'fancy' evident by all the fringed, glittered & be-ribboned cards that survived a century..

The Little Victorian

This little wooden plaque can be lovingly set on a side table with a candle glow warming it's presence or
perhaps hung by the silk ribbons that accompany

10½" x 14 ¾" $54.95





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